About Us

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charlie Champlin

Here at Word Up! we believe that life is too short to go a day without laughter, friends and red wine!

We keep these things in mind when creating quality gifts and signs you can display in your home for years to come.

The most important thing we do here, however, is allow you to take your Pinterest gallery of ideas and make them real. Whether you’re a bride in need of unique wedding displays and wedding party gifts, a soon-to-be new mom with a desire for a picture-perfect nursery or just simply someone who enjoys unique gift giving and art that makes you laugh -- we’ve got you all covered.

Located in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, TX you no longer need to risk it all by purchasing something on Etsy and praying it gets here on time! Gone are the days of overly expensive last minute specialty gifts and branded items. We are here for you and ready for whatever crazy ideas you have!

Our gallery shows what we have on hand, but don’t worry, custom orders are our Jam!

Have an idea? Let’s connect and schedule a meeting to go through your inspiration ideas and get you a custom quote!

We’re here to help you:

• Small Business Owners in need of branding

• New Moms or friends of new moms

• Brides and their crew of helpers

• Last Minute Linda (we see you, and YES, we can help!)

• Pinterest Warriors who don’t want to actually do the work

• Etsy scrollers who don’t want to pay shipping

• Gift givers that love art that makes you laugh and believe that swearing just might help!

• And everyone in between.

Let us make your creative dreams come true!